Saregama implements SAP solutions for intellectual property management

MUMBAI: Saregama India Ltd., will be implement the enterprise software solution – mySAP Business Suite and SAP Intellectual Property Management (IPM) module (Industry Solution-Media) for more effective revenue management through managing of its intellectual property and for enhanced operational efficiency. With this Saregama will become the first ever Indian media and entertainment company to implement SAP solutions for its Intellectual Property Management.

The SAP implementation will enable Saregama with an integrated, scalable software solution to facilitate business decisions. This would also enable effective resource management including integrated Intellectual Property Management and working capital management.

SAP’s Intellectual Property Management solution will provide efficient, end-to-end support for all IP-related processes such as content planning, content development, rights tracking, availability reporting, and contract management. This will also help in increasing revenue from sales and licensing of all types of IP rights and deliver accurate royalty accounting for both receipts and payments of royalties, thanks to seamless, end-to-end data flow. Besides these, this will help in analyzing the performance of IPs over the entire life cycle, and control the owned and acquired licenses by capturing all terms and conditions on royalty obligations.

“We wanted to implement a solution that could primarily help us manage our intellectual property better and also help us make informed business decisions in the rapidly changing business environment. SAP became an obvious choice as it is the only ERP solution provider offering solutions for IP management along with other business modules” said RPG Group CTO Amit Mukherjee.

In addition to streamlining Saregama’s processes related to Intellectual Property Management, the implementation will also address other processes like sales and distribution, production planning, quality management, material management, project systems, human resources, financial accounting, controlling and budgeting, and data warehousing.

“Protection and management of intellectual property is one among the key concerns of the fast growing Indian entertainment industry. If not addressed, this can lead to heavy losses by entertainment companies, threatening the growth of the industry as well. We are confident that SAP’s robust solution for IP management will help Saregama manage its Intellectual Property well and sing the songs of success in the years to come,” said SAP Indian Subcontinent president and CEO Alan Sedghi.

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