BIG 92.7 FM titled the Bangalore FM King



Soon after being voted the top FM Station in Hyderabad, BIG 92.7 FM has emerged as the leading FM Station in Bangalore as well. These findings are a result of a recent survey conducted by Indica Research Consumer Insights Pvt. Ltd. BIG 92.7 FM Bangalore has been adjudged as the most preferred Station via the study on various criteria such as Listenership, Awareness, Relevance, Music and RJs.


Within just four weeks after launch, BIG 92.7 FM Bangalore enjoys a listenership base of 98% with the overall preference for the Station being 46%, way ahead of the other current players. While BIG 92.7 FM Radio Jockeys Sihi Kahi Chandru and Dayanand have been rated the most recalled RJs in the city, the Station also enjoys brand recall of 99% amongst its target audience.


The consumer feedback study stressed on factors such as local connect through lingual flavour, content that speaks on behalf of the consumer, appeal in RJs’ ‘on air’ personalities. BIG 92.7 FM topped the industry in all of these areas establishing its leadership in the Bangalore market.


Anand Chakravarthy, Head, Marketing, BIG 92.7 FM stated, “We have conducted this study in Bangalore and earlier in Hyderabad, intended to offer us a quick indication of the Station’s stance within two weeks after launch in these cities. The findings have shown that we are on top in both the cities. The challenge now lies in maintaining the position in these cities and possibly duplicating some of the successes from these cities in others where we have launched.”


Speaking on the Bangalore Station’s success, says Farida Kaliyadan, Station Head, BIG 92.7 FM, Bangalore “It is our genuine native flavor that has helped us find local connect and gain much popularity amongst our listeners. The BIG 92.7FM RJs, SK Chandru, Dayanand and Kiran are true localites who cater to the Kannada tastes perfectly. Our content and delivery, music and tone are all very ethnic and typical, something Bangalore has never heard before on an FM station. Added to which, Upendra is a big name in the south and having him as our brand ambassador definitely adds to the Station’s appeal.”


Mr V. Ravi, Managing Director, Indica Research Consumer Insights Pvt. Ltd said, “The findings for BIG 92.7 FM in Bangalore have been quite commendable. The brand has been successful in getting people to try it out while the content has allowed the Station to not only hold on to the listeners, but also become one of their favourites, in a market where there are other established FM players.” He adds “The good news is also for the Advertisers who can now count on reaching out to a wider audience via the popular BIG 92.7 FM.” 


The target group for these findings consists of FM listeners between the ages of 18 to 34 years from the SEC ABC categories.

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