BIG Animation showcases Little Krishna at MIPJunior

    MUMBAI: Evergreen Entertainment has beaten strong competition to represent BIG Animation’s Little Krishna the 3D animated series at MIP Junior and beyond.

    “What attracted us to the project were the high end production values. This is Hollywood quality with great design, wonderful scripts by American writer Jeffrey Scott and impeccable animation” said Evergreen chief executive Steve Walsh. “We see this as a family title, the kind of production that can be shown during a holiday period to a true family audience. You don’t need to know anything about Indian culture and heritage to enjoy this great production’.

    In these 13 episodes, Little Krishna is pursued by demons obeying evil King Kamsa’s orders to find and destroy the young hero who, according to the prophecy, will bring down his vicious reign. He unfailingly defeats his enemies and teaches love, courage and selflessness to children worldwide.