Big hearted Salman Khan forgives Pooja Bedi


Salman Khan

MUMBAI: Pooja Bedi, after her eviction from Bigg Boss had gone on a rampage with her opinions on Twitter & press interviews.

She had earlier said that Bigg Boss is all scripted, and Salman Khan is controlling it to protect Mahek Chahal, who according to her is his favorite contestant.

She even called Salman Khan a two-faced liar, and Mahek a vulture, while showering praises on fellow contestant Akashdeep Saigal (Sky). Pooja Bedi was even seen fighting with her Twitter followers who would negatively comment about Sky. She even went on to say that Salman had turned violent over Sidharth’s fight with Mahek, which was not aired on TV.

Pooja Bedi’s comments agitated thousands of Salman Khan fans on internet, and comments against her floated all over the social network.

Meanwhile Salman Khan, who is known for his big heart tweeted, “Don’t stress abt it, known pooja since 20yrs, she is sweet , let it go. Its all good.” (sic)