Salman Khan was violent, says Pooja Bedi

Salman Khan
MUMBAI: Pooja Bedi, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house last week, continues to spit venom. Earlier she called Amar & Mahak the most negative people on the show, and then she called Mahak a vulture. And recently she had said that Salman Khan is a two-faced liar, while Sky is a Mahatma in a LIVE video interaction with fans.

She has repeatedly said in all interviews about how Salman Khan is controlling the programming of the show, and according to her, Salman is trying his best to keep Mahak safe.

It doesn’t stop here. Today on Twitter she wrote, “Did they not air that part when Salman Khan came on the show, and reprimanded Sid for Mahek fight, and he would come inside the home & kick Sid’s butt?”

Salman Khan was unavailable for comments.