BIG Home Video releases TV serial Udaan on DVD

MUMBAI: Reliance BIG Home Video has just released 1990-’91 TV serial, Udaan on DVD.

Written and directed by Kaveta Choudhary, Udaan was perhaps the first serial based on women empowerment. It starred Chaudhry, Vikram Gokhale, Uttara Bawker, Vijay Mehta, Satish Kaushik and Shekhar Kapoor.

Udaan is inspired by the true story of Choudhary’s elder sister, Kanchan Choudhary, who after suffering several hardships went to become the first female director general of police.

Udaan is the story of a girl named Kalyani Singh who joins the police force. Her father played by  Gokhale loses all his land after it is forcibly taken away from him. A staunch believer of gender equality, she feels immensely neglected when all attention is showered on a boy born in their family who is considered to be the male heir of the family. Kalyani’s father tells her she is no less than anybody and should make it her mission to take flight (Udaan) to a respectable position in society. She swears to become a police officer and bring back respect to her family. The poignant story shows how against all odds she battles gender discrimination and various problems before successfully becoming a Police Officer. Shekhar Kapur plays the love interest of Kalyani in the serial.

Reliance BIG Home Video COO Sweta Agnihotri said, “Udaan is one of the finest Indian serials ever made. The beauty of its strong story is inspirational even today; through the DVD we want to give people a chance to relive this gem.”

Udaan is available as a 5-DVD set  and is priced at Rs.499.