Big Screen preparing for Cannes Film Market

    MUMBAI: Big Screen Entertainment Group (BSEG), Five Star Pictures and Film One are bringing their libraries together to distribute and sell their film and television products at the upcoming Cannes Film Market.

    "We have twenty-five completed films we’ll be selling at this year’s market and are adding more to the slate weekly," stated BSEG president of production Stephen Eckelberry.

    Big Screen has numerous completed film projects including festival favorite Babysitter Wanted. Big Screen has recently been acquiring completed films for sales and distribution under their newly formed distribution arm The Independent Film Company.

    Five Star brings its syndicated television programming, branded entertainment roster, graphic design division, and its close association with The Patron Spirits Company.

    In addition to going into production on several new films this year, Big Screen has been focusing on sales and distribution as a means of controlling revenue coming into the company. This past week alone the company acquired four more completed films for sales.

    "Our library has grown such that it makes more sense for us to now sell and distribute our own product rather than have someone else do it. Management cares more about the destiny, marketing and revenue of these films than an outside agency. It also eliminates high distribution fees and commissions that only eat into the films’ profits. In addition to increasing the company’s revenues, we are also increasing our asset value," said BSEG CEO Kimberley Kates.