attracts Asian women users

MUMBAI: Just as we’re talking about Global Social Networking sites dominating the scene in India, a new trend has been observed on A lot of newer members joining the site are from countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal.

Over the last month a number of users from neighboring Asian countries have joined Bigadda and close to 25% of them are women. The company believes when women users join a SN site, security options provided by a site is a great concern for them, which is a central focus at Yet another factor that adds to the growing Asian membership is the common thread of culture that Asians across the world share. COO Siddhartha Roy said, "We are very pleased with the new trend observed over the last few weeks with many Asian users coming onto the site and registering. What is most fascinating is that these are users who have become aware of bigadda purely by way of our popularity; since only a small fraction of the total number is members by friend requests."