Wizzard Media teams with Fishman Productions


Mumbai: Podcasting network Wizzard Media has entered into a content distribution partnership with Fishman Productions to distribute film and television projects through Wizzard’s digital syndication network.
Fishman Productions was founded in 1989 as an independent film production and entertainment company and has produced festival and prized films including the 2002 award-winning short film Getting Out.
Through this relationship, Fishman Productions will distribute television and film content developed by their production company, formatted for subscribable media, through Wizzard’s multiple online distribution channels.
Additionally, Wizzard will work to develop a branded channel for this content. Wizzard’s national advertising sales force will work to secure sponsorship and advertising opportunities for all content, and Wizzard’s marketing team will provide promotional support for each show.
"Wizzard Media is on the cutting-edge of digital media distribution, and Fishman Productions is focused on taking advantage of the power of podcasting and online communities," said Fishman Productions CEO and founding principle Jeff Fishman.
"We look forward to building a branded channel on the Wizzard Media Network, increasing our presence in the world of social media and developing relationships with advertisers," he added.
"Jeff and Fishman Productions bring the kind of quality production and creative story telling to our publishing platform that will attract the attention of traditional advertising agencies and their clients," said Wizzard Media Sr. VP of content development Skip Fredricks.
"The online channel we create for Fishman Productions will allow us to showcase our publishing platform, our ad insertion technology and allow us to create an attractive branded channel for advertising agencies to present to their sponsors," he said.
"Agencies looking to online advertising are seeking exceptional production quality and creative content to which they can attach their clients, each who have cultivated brand recognition and are seeking the highly targeted audiences Wizzard Media can help them reach," noted Fredricks.