goes mobile with MobileAdda


MUMBAI: Reliance ADAG’s social networking website has launched its mobile version called MobileAdda. Internationally, this is the first time that a social networking site will be available on mobiles in a holistic manner.

MobileAdda includes key features of social networking like searching for friends, inviting them from your phonebook, communicating with friends through options like text, voice and photo scribbles.

This On-The-Move application provides users with auto-updates, alerts, notifications and tips. It also enables users to use the phonebook to send invitations to their network. The built in phone book backup utility stores phone book on the company’s servers and if in case a user changes a device, the same can be retrieved.

BigAdda chief operating officer Shivanandan Pare says, "With a registered user base of two million in a year we needed to sensitize the platform to local aspirations and needs of the market. The number of mobile users today far exceeds the penetration and usage of PCs in India. Mobiles are lot more personal, readily accessible and almost an extension of the user. The imperative was to create a mobile application to give the controls of social networking, anytime – anywhere, literally. Currently is reaching out to the 40 million internet userbase in India and with us going on to the mobile platform we will be able to reach to additional 50 million mobile internet users and this will enhance our reach to the masses."

"Social networking is not restricted to the confines of the PC browser. In India, mobile phones are the preferred and mostly the sole means of connecting with friends and family. This year we are all set to refine and redefine the boundaries of Social Networking in India. This will be a major departure for users of social networks, from being an occasional visitor to now proactively driving their networks," said BigAdda chief technology officer Nikhil Soman.

Mobile interface will be one of the vital components of BigAdda’s business plan. It will be instrumental in providing a new medium for people to connect with each other and will help brands to target the youth. MobileAdda will provide over 300 million mobile users’ access to BigAdda. The platform is available as an integrated offering across SMS, WAP and as an installable application for over 500 different mobile phone models.

The download process automatically detects the user’s handset model and delivers a version created specially for that device family.