Bipasha Basu to endorse jewellery brand Gili

MUMBAI: It has been a hectic new year for the Bengali bombshell. Films, endorsements, appearances, business deals…  name it, and Bipasha Basu has been doing it all. And now it is endorsement time for her as she shoots for her first advertisement of the year with Gili.


Basu has been in Goa for some time, shooting for Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maro Dum. Post that she has got busy with her latest business venture, her fitness DVD’s. She said, “Fitness is my passion and I want to pursue what I have started. I am planning a second DVD which will take fitness from the first stage to the next level. I am also working on my fitness clothing line. A lot is on my plate and I am working round the clock. But I am not complaining, as I am loving every moment of it.”


But now it’s time for her to move out of her business mode and don the grease paint for her commercial. The actress will be shooting for the commercial in a suburban studio in Mumbai for the advertisement. Directing her will be adman Prasad Naik. A self confessed bling lover, Basu said, “I love bling. Bangles and ear rings have to be a part of my daily dressing up. And when I hit a store, that’s the first place I will head for.”