Brand Asset Digital to market SAAVN’s Bollywood content on P2P


Mumbai: Brand Asset Digital has inked a marketing alliance with Bollywood’s digital entertainment company Saavn to leverage the demand for Bollywood content across P2P.

Using Brand Asset Digital’s P2Pwords search engine marketing (SEM) Saavn will be better able to engage with its consumers in P2P. The platform, which is the first pay-per-click for P2P Search and the first SEM across all P2P Search, gives top advertisers and content providers a marketing solution to target and connect their branded content directly to consumers across all major P2P networks. P2Pwords also provides a robust consumer consumption mapping of business intelligence in detail never before available to the market.

Saavn holds digital rights of Bollywood movie and music content, with licenses for more than 70 per cent of all new Bollywood movie and music releases, including over 200,000 audio tracks. Saavn packages exclusive, timely, high-quality movies, music and television shows from India for digital platforms including cable VOD, Internet and mobile.

"P2P is critical to our strategic marketing initiatives. P2Pwords provides us with the ability to connect to our audience on P2P networks and gain a deeper understanding of the consumption patterns of our core market online," stated Saavn co-founder Paramdeep Singh.

"If you’re a film studio or music label marketing your new releases and trying to capture more of your audience online, P2Pwords is the most effective means to engage your target audience. We feel it is taking the best of products and services, like Google Adwords and Google Analytics, and merging them into one platform relevant to the P2P Search Market. P2Pwords fills the gaps in marketing to consumers where they consume content. It also provides companies like Saavn the most accurate metrics providing insight into the patterns of their content’s geographical consumption as no one else can," explained Brand Asset Digital co-founder Joey P.

P2Pwords combines a paid search model with SEO (search engine optimization) principles by inserting branded content within actual search results. It also provides business intelligence including consumption patterns of consumers across all P2P Network protocols which has never before been available to advertisers and marketers. Google and others place textual ads around the web search results but are never the search results themselves. When clicked on they link you to a website. With P2Pwords the content-based search result is the new ad and you know exactly where that content was consumed.

"Bollywood keywords are some of the most popular we see across P2P every day. The ability to market new releases to these Bollywood music and film fans where they consume content is a powerful tool. With 70% of online marketing budgets going to web search, we feel our platform empowers the search marketing space by extending their reach across all of the P2P networks in a single ad buy. P2Pwords also empowers brands to access business intelligence on the usage habits of over 450 million P2P users worldwide with an accountability engine of world-class proportion. This business intelligence map of P2P consumption is unprecedented," stated Brand Asset Digital CEO and co-founder Tim Hogan.