Casting Call Tour wrapped up: Actors Chosen For Major Roles

New York: The new Wendy Williams film project, entitled Queen Of Media, ends its nine city casting call tour and has found the finalist to play Wendy and other major characters in the film. Nine cities were visited; hundreds of people auditioned and over 60
people were selected for main character call backs, small roles and identified as cast members for the new Wendy Williams film project entitled Queen Of Media.

Queen Of Media will film in New York beginning the month of September
2006.When you think about the casting of a featured film, one typically draws their attention to Los Angeles or New York. This film is no different in that New York was a city where open casting was
conducted. Although there was not an open casting call in Los Angeles,
California almost all of the seasoned and celebrity actors and actresses were cast from Los Angeles.

While some actors were disappointed that the casting call didn’t stop in their city, others did what Fantasia did to become the American Idol…they drove to the nearest city in pursuit of their dreams.”I wish we could have gone to every state in the US to cast, but
unfortunately we didn’t have liberty or the time to do so,” said one of the producers with the project. Nonetheless, an overwhelming amount of impressive actors presented hard casting decisions to the deciding powers.

“We expected New York to bring the highest numbers, but we were extremely shocked and impressed with the level of talent we
viewed in Washington, DC and Philadelphia. They have made it hard on
us to choose,” stated Furqaan, owner of Furqaan Films and the Executive Producer on the project. For some, the ability to pre-register online to take advantage of
having any expenses covered by the film company in the case of a call back to New York was much appreciated.

And while some people missed the pre-registration window which posed various benefits from an appointment time, sides ahead of time, to preferred seating in the
waiting area, other people were just as happy they could attend the open call portion of the casting. “I appreciate that we had the option of pre-registering ahead of time since I had to rush to my audition and rush right back to work. Having an appointment and not having to
wait behind those who just walked in was priceless,” mentioned an auditioning hopeful in Washington, DC.

“I didn’t know about the casting until I heard the radio personalities talking about it that day. I used my last two dollars to get to this audition and had to
call a friend to pick me up after my audition was over (laughs). But
casting calls never come here to our city, so I was just excited to even know I had a chance to be in a real movie,” said a male who auditioned in Connecticut.

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