Celeb Cells: SRK, Aamir Khan, Abhishek on Forbes list


    MUMBAI: Indian actors Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan have made their way on the Forbes list. The American publication has named the three actors among 10 celebrities adding star-power to mobile phones.

    While Shah Rukh Khan endorses Nokia, Aamir endorses Samsung and Abhishek is the brand ambassador for Motorola.

    Shah Rukh Khan, who says he has used Nokia phones for more than a decade, paired with the company on a commercial last December. Nokia also sponsored Khan’s cricket team – Kolkata Knight Riders this year.

    On the other hand, after bringing Aamir Khan on board as ambassador, Samsung is expecting to double its market share in India this year.

    Abishek Bachchan, who earlier endorsed, LG Electronics, now represents the Motorola range of phones in India.

    The Indian actor trio joins the likes of international sport stars Maria Sharapova (Sony Ericsson) and David Beckham (Motorola RAZR2), singers Usher (Sony Ericsson music phone), Fergie (Motorola ROKR), Rain (Samsung) and Andy Lau (LG Shine) and race car driver Danica Patrick (Motorola) in the ‘Ten Celebs and Their Cells’ list published on the Forbes website.

    "Once upon a time, perfume and designer jean makers were the ones who relied on celebrities to add a bit of star-dust glamour to their products. Add to that list, now, mobile phone makers," the report said.

    "As nearly everyone on the planet seems to have a cellphone, device makers must work harder to win new customers. Cool designs and low prices help, of course. But so do celebrities. That’s led phone makers to recruit some A-listers from Usher to David Beckham to lend an ear– and a smile– to selling cellphones," the report said.