Chak De India becomes management mantra


    MUMBAI: Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) Greater Noida organized an event with a theme – Chak De i.e. Team Building & Leadership.

    Students of BIMTECH are convinced that it is a very successful management case study, which has created ripples in the corporate world, as the theme is something which people can relate to. The multi- cultural diversity and its attendant problems, the work place politics and finally the triumph of ethics and commitment of the team over all odds, make it look like a fairy tale come true.

    Dr. H Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH said, “To make learning more effective, we should always evolve innovative ways in teaching. Chak De is a very stimulating film, and BIMTECH has used it efficiently to convey the principles of management studies. BIMTECH has taken special permission from the producer – Yash Raj Films to use the clippings of the film at the event.”

    He added, “To delve into the psychology of a man of ordinary prudence like the coach, Kabir Khan, in Chak De! India, who rises to the pedestal of a leader and leads a team of unruly, wrangling girls to become world champions. BIMTECH takes the initiative of bringing together luminaries from different backgrounds to share their views and experiences. This is basically an effort to dwell on issues related to the role of a leader in building a team: inculcating team spirit and motivating all members to commit them towards achieving excellence.”

    Dr. Kiran Bedi, PS & DG BPRD said, “Chak De! India is a very motivational movie…. The film, is based on a real-life story and that always makes a deeper impact on the students and on the general public too. They can relate to it and apply it in their daily life. Chak De has helped understand concepts like team building and leadership apart from strategic motivation and determination. All this helps in coming out as a winner from the worst situations.”

    P Dwarkanath, Former Director- HR, Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Healthcare, R J Masilamani a veteran professional and Sumit Chaudhuri, CMD, Third Millennium Business Resource Associates, too were seen sharing their experiences on how Shah Rukh Khan in the Chak De film had exemplified each move formulated by the character, Kabir, in the game of hockey for specific business strategies.

    Jaideep Sahni, the scriptwriter of the movie’ Chak De’ had also sent his congratulatory message to the BIMTECH students on taking such an initiative. The audio clip was played as a part of the function. The coach of the woman’s’ hockey team, M K Kaushik, whose book’ Golden Boot’ had inspired Sahni to write the script, too had sent across a video clip showing his views on the importance of leadership and teamwork in sports and real life.