Cinemax premieres It’s Breaking News


MUMBAI: The latest movie to hit the theaters, It’s Breaking News premiered at Cinemax, Versova and the event also marked the music release of the film.


This event was attended by the film’s lead actress Koel Puri who came in with her father Anil Puri and Vinay Apte along with many celebs joined later. The film’s premiere was followed by it’s music launch.


Cinemax vice president marketing and programming Devang Sampat said, “Cinemax has always showcased good, significant and quality cinema in the past so we couldn’t resist premiering this excellent movie, which covers the dark side of the various sting operations and unfolds the power the media holds in this generation. By hosting the music launch and the premiere both we aim to ensure complete involvement from our side and full support of a project such as this.”


Directed by Vishal Inamdar, the film based on the ‘sting operations’ narrates the story of a girl who initially is acknowledged when she is one among the corrupt system and discarded and criticized when she starts rebelling. Vidya (played by Koel Puri) is a dynamic, self-motivated news correspondent who is forced to cover crime.


Gradually, she gets getting addicted to the thrill of the job and gets a brilliant story for her channel which actually boosts the TRP ratings. One day she receives a call from a girl, Sangeeta, who is a victim of repeated sexual abuses by the high designators of the local Police. Vidya, with her team chalks out a plan for yet another sting and is all ready to cover the event where the SP is assaulting Sangeeta. But unfortunately it is the DIG who is fallen prey to their sting.


The whole episode of ‘live rape’ disconcerts Vidya and her cameraman Rafiq to an extent that they feel ashamed to be merely a spectator in this profession where they couldn’t save the victim. Bugged with the whole system, she leaves for her uncle’s place and by that time decides to give the victim justice.