Shatrughna Sinha: Electrifying radio waves


He dazzled the silver screen with his splendor and now he electrifies the radio waves on Radio One FM 94.3’s BBC Ek Mulakat. Shatrughna Sinha, considered one of the most successful actor-politician of India, made history by being the first member of the film fraternity to become a cabinet minister with the Government of India. In a heart warming tête-à-tête with Sanjeev Srivastava on BBC Ek Mulakat aired every Sunday at 12 noon on Radio One FM 94.3, the top Bollywood film star of the 1970s and 1980s and popular politician, Shatrughna Sinha declares on-air, “Films are my first love. I entered politics due to my responsibilities towards society.”

For the first time he shares the secret of his success on Ek Mulakat for his audiences, saying “Mahatma Gandhi had said that to succeed in any movement or campaign you have to encounter and go past four things. Firstly – ridicule, secondly – contempt, thirdly – censure, and fourthly – oppression.  If you are able to face these four difficulties then success and honour will be yours.” The Shotgun Sinha further adds, “If you want to be successful in life, prove yourself and if you are not able to do so for any reason, then show how distinct you are from others. Now you see people imitating/mimicking me. But you would have never seen me imitating others. That’s because of this mantra.”

A quite person by nature, yet famous for his style of dialogue delivery of, “Khamosh…” Shatrughna Sinha converses on friends, foes, fans and his past too. He reveals that his father wanted him to become a scientist or doctor, but he didn’t fit in either, he says, “Now it’s a different thing that I became India’s health minister one day.” As of May 2006, he has been appointed as the head of the BJP Culture and Arts Department.

Talking on his days of playing villainous roles, to being the favorite of many first time directors, to his highest regards for veterans like Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar, who he terms as “Institutes in themselves”, also appreciating modern day cinema with Shah Rukh Khan for movies like ‘Chak De India’, Shatrughna Sinha makes your Sunday afternoon worth a while.

Tune in to BBC Ek Mulakat on Radio One FM 94.3 on Sunday, 7th October 2007 at 12 noon to listen to the legendary Shatrughna Sinha.