Cinemax to screen NDTV Lumière’s Goodbye, Children


Mumbai: As a special initiative, free to every movie aficionado, NDTV Lumière will screen the critically acclaimed Goodbye, Children on 14 September at 10 a.m. , followed by a thought provoking workshop on the movie itself.

Louis Malle directed Goodbye, Children is about Julien, a 11-year-old Catholic boarding-school resident during the Nazi occupation of France. Julien was witness to the courage of his instructors, who defy German anti-Semitic policies and quietly enroll Jewish children into the school under assumed names. He befriends Jean, one of these instant Catholics. The refugee children are betrayed by a hostile ex-employee of the school – Julien himself becomes party to this betrayal, though unwittingly – and Jean and the teachers are arrested. Through this semi-autobiographical film, Louis Malle purged himself of his own bitter memories of life under the Nazis.

Professor Prabodh Parikh, will share his perspective on the movie. Professor Prabodh is an award winning poet with books like Kaunsman to his credit. Professor’s major area of interest and specialization lies in Films which has enabled him to deliver numerous lectures in various national and international seminars.

NDTV Lumière recently launched 10 cinematic delights on DVD including Goodbye, Childrens. These DVDs will be available at major retail outlets across India.