NDTV Lumiere launches Louis Malle Film Festival


Mumbai: NDTV Lumière in association with The Alliance Francaise of Madras and ICA Foundation has launched the Louis Malle film festival from 15 – 19 September at the South Indian Film Chamber Theatre everyday at 6.30 pm.

The festival will include the screenings of the following films directed by the Louis Malle: Elevators to the Gallows (15 Sep), The Lovers (16 Sep), The Fire Within (17 Sep), Goodbye, Children (18th Sep) and Zazie in the Subway (19 Sep).

Elevator To The Gallows is a suspenseful movie starring Jeanne Moreau, in the role that catapulted her to international stardom. The Lovers, a sexually frank and satirical flick is Malle’s second feature, making it his international breakthrough. The Fire Within in Louis Malle’s own words, "is a very pessimistic, very dark film, it was completely liberating."

Goodbye, Children is a semi-autobiographical film on Malle’s own bitter memories of life under the Nazis and Zazie in the Subway is a comedy with no holds barred.