Clash Unavoidable: Salman Khan divides dates between brother & buddy


    MUMBAI: At the moment Salman Khan is going through the busiest time of his career. With film assignments and new television commitments coming his way at an alarming speed, a project pileup seems inevitable.

    Sure enough it comes at the end of the year with Salman being compelled for the first time to shoot two films simultaneously. Significantly, both the films are equally dear to him. While the Dabangg sequel is being produced by Salman’s brother Arbaaz Khan; Kick, which the superstar will shoot alongside Dabangg next year, is produced by one of Salman’s closest friends – Sajid Nadiadwala.

    While Salman seems supremely happy with the arrangement that he has worked out between the two projects, the two producers are apparently not quite in the throes of excitement over the actor’s overlapping commitments since both are hugely complicated massive projects with mammoth amounts of money riding over their production and success.

    Naturally, the two producers are anxious and nervous over the star’s double commitment, which is a first in a very long time for Salman.

    Nadiadwala specially has waited patiently for more than a year for Salman to clear to decks for Kick. The actor’s dates were finally locked in for the end of the year. However, Salman then decided to accommodate his youngest brother Sohail Khan’s Sher Khan and Yash Raj Films’ Ek Tha Tiger into his clogged schedule for the same period.

    Now the question looming large over both the projects is – How much time can Salman devote to two films that revolve around his character and involve complicated fights and dramatic scenes?

    Nadiadwala is clear on the question of his superstar-buddy’s commitment to Kick. Speaking to, he says, “I’ve Salman’s dates in place and we shoot for a good six months. There’s no confusion over the dates since I always like to work out all the finer details well in advance. As for any other film that he’s committed to do at that time, I don’t think I can comment on that.”

    On the other hand, Arbaaz Khan remains non-commital. “Honestly Salman’s dates scenario changes according to his commitments. I’m not the best person to talk on such an important matter in his career,” says the younger Khan.

    Sources say that Salman is all set to push himself beyond the hours that he usually works to ensure that both Kick and Dabangg 2 are completed as per schedule in 2012.

    However, with his attention span being what it is (Salman can’t shoot for more than a couple of hours at a stretch) one is likely to see choppy times ahead for both the producers.