Coca Cola rolls Radio One college auditions



September 2007: The events held in college auditoriums have created a lot of frenzy in campuses across the city of Mumbai. Students were buzzing around in anticipation to participate and give their best to get selected and catch a glimpse of their favorite star. The campuses bore a festive and electrifying atmosphere with ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ banners and backdrops along with Judges doing the rounds.

The Judges at the auditions of ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ were VJ Cyrus Sahukar, VJ Nikhil Chinappa, VJ Ranvijay from MTV and RJ Sangram, RJ Prince, RJ Prem & Amar from Radio One FM 94.3

Students also from various colleges were given a chance to fill in the registration form on the spot and enter the contest, apart from the participants who had registered through road shows and online registrations. The only condition was that the participating group should be a two-member team each from a common college.

The vivacious aspirants smartly tackled the rounds where each participant was to entertain and captivate the active crowd within one minute. With the highly competitive profession that RJing has turned into, General Knowledge and update on latest happenings is a must, which was required in the competing pairs. The judges that were a balance of VJs and RJs quizzed, grilled and humored the participants. Majority of the crowd vibrated with a friendly, interactive and savvy attitude proving their worth for the title in question. The judges with the help of their unique and fun test called ‘Common Quotient’ tested compatibility and in-sights about the partner of the participating team. RJ Sangram and VJ Cyrus were a hot favorite amongst the crowd. VJ Cyrus Sahukar commented, “This is a great platform for the students to begin their careers ad show case their talents.”

The students that came to cheer for their respective colleges at various college auditions across the city were highly charged up, cheering and reacting on the comments and actions of the participants and judges alike. The judges blended with the crowd by breaking the ice and lightening the atmosphere by cracking jokes and commenting and kidding around with the participants, co-ordinators and on themselves. RJ Prachi on Radio One FM 94.3 who is hosting the ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ aired the on-ground activities and participants’ reactions live on-air. RJ Prince described, “I like the crowd out here, very happy to know that all these people are interested to become RJs!!”

RJ Sangram exclaimed, “I love to interact with such a crowd, these guys can become our competitors.”

With a number of college fest coming to an end in the city, one could not ignore the biggest and the only inter-college, national level radio contest with the potential to make a star career for the students in their respective cities.