DD churns out 558 docu. / films in 06-07


MUMBAI: Doordarshan (DD) has produced 558 documentaries / films during 2006-07 as compared to 446 documentaries / films in 2005-06. The expenditure incurred on this was Rs 100.8 million (Rs 10.8 crore) and Rs 43.9 million (Rs 4.39 crores) respectively.

The information was given by the minister of information and broadcasting and parliamentary affairs Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi. These documentaries/films are made on a wide range of topics including those of scientific, technical, medical, cultural, historical, nature, etc. However, no separate and comprehensive list is maintained as to which topics concern, which specific State.

However, Doordarshan Kendra Lucknow has produced a documentary on the First War of Indian Independence 1857 namely, Bhartayan, which is UP related. This is being telecast since January 2007 on every Thursday of the month and will continue during the current financial year.