Delhi 6 sees marginal drop, Slumdog picks post Oscar win

    Mumbai: Delhi 6 faired impressively well during the weekend. The film opened to 60 – 70 per cent on Friday and picked pace towards Saturday evening and kept it going upward till Sunday night at most places.

    On Monday, the film saw a drop in some parts of the country, and in some others it is still running in houseful shows. The national holiday on Monday is said to have benefited the movie to a great extent.

    With the weekend box office ticketing of Delhi 6, PVR Cinemas has grossed Rs 23.20 million (Rs 2.32 crores), Inox has grossed Rs 21.80 million (Rs 2.18 crores) and Fame Cinemas has grossed Rs 13 million (Rs 1.30 crores).

    In Bombay, the film saw a drop and is running to an occupancy of 30 – 40 per cent on Monday. Similar is the occupancy level in multiplexes of Kolkata, Rajasthan.

    However, in many other regions such as Bangalore, Delhi, Punjab, Indore, Baroda etc, the movie has maintained its strong position all through the day and is running to houseful shows the entire day on Monday.

    Interestingly, Slumdog Millionaire picked pace at the box office post its victory at the Oscars early today morning. Some multiplexes are now looking at adding one more show of Slumdog from tomorrow itself or more shows by the weekend.