Director Priyadarshan signs actors for new film on caste war


    MUMBAI: Priyadarshan is done with comedy, at least for the time being. The director, who shot to fame for his sensitive films like Virasaat, is now returning to that genre after long innings with comedy.

    The untitled film is based on the caste war in the north. Talking from Chennai to, Priyadarshan said, "I read about the stories in a newspaper where two separate couples were killed after they fell in love and got married. This so enraged the people from their caste that they were hanged. An enquiry into the killings is still currently on. I was deeply moved by the stories and decided that I would make it into a film."

    Talking at length about the film, he added, "This is not going to be an art film. It is a hard hitting entertainer. The story will revolve around a political party and two CBI officers."

    This is an original script, which has been written by Robin Bhatt. The casting for the film is complete and features Priyadarshan’s favourite Akshaye Khanna in the lead. Ajay Devgan and Bipasha Basu have also been signed to play pivotal roles along with Paresh Rawal.

    Priyadarshan adds with a chuckle, "I have had enough of Paresh playing the comic character or the buffoon. I am casting him as a villain and it will be great to see Paresh go back to his evil ways."