Disney, GroupM unveil 2nd edition of KidSense


MUMBAI: The Walt Disney Company (India) and GroupM, have launched the second edition of Disney’s KidSense 2007, which explores the kids market in India and share insights with the overall kids business.

This initiative, started in 2006, includes annual research and periodic industry forums for stimulating discussions to better understand the largest kids market in the world. The research results were revealed by Walt Disney Television International (India) senior vice president and managing director Antoine Villeneuve and GroupM South Asia COO Vikram Sakhuja.

Disney’s KidSense, conducted and collated by research firm IMRB International, provides information for all stakeholders in the kids industry. The research findings this year underscore the kids’ media interaction and consumption habits across conventional and new media. It also highlights the increasing influence of kids in the family purchase decisions across 13 product categories, including those which are not directly consumed by them.

This survey covered kids aged 8-14 and parents of kids aged 4-14 belonging to SEC A and B households. The fieldwork was carried out from July to September, 2007 across 10 cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana and Jaipur. The results were based on 3560 respondents.

Villeneuve said, “With kids emerging as consultants for parents on key purchase decisions in homes across India, Disney’s  KidSense 2007 provides comprehensive, category-wide insights into the young
minds. The study continues to serve as a credible reference-point for the industry and our business partners, and will help grow the business in the industry as a whole.”

Sakhuja added, “Once we accept that kids play an important role in purchase decision making, as marketing practitioners, we have to deal with practical questions such as – ‘what appeals to this
segment in a particular category, and how do we reach them’. In the past, initiatives were taken based on individual opinions, which are hugely subjective. Disney’s Kidsense study now addresses these information gaps, making it possible for us to make informed and data-based decisions on how
best to address this segment.”

Last year, Disney’s KidSense provided an analysis of kids aged 4-14 with segmentation that brought out a clear distinction between the three main groups – 4 to 5, 6 to 9 and 10 to 14. It offered a full section on kid-power, which covered 15 product categories and answered a broad spectrum of advertiser’s queries.