In-cinema advertising to boom during festivals


MUMBAI: Cinema advertising will emerge as the most successful and cost effective medium for advertisers to reach their respective audiences in this festive season, according to Interactive Television.

The entertainment and media industry is the fastest growing sector in the Indian economy with a total size of $ 6900 million in 2005 and an estimated growth rate of 14 per cent CAGR over the next five years. Filmed entertainment constitutes 18 per cent of the entertainment and media sector (2004). As per a PwC analysis, the size of the sector from $ 1256 million in 2004, is estimated to hike up to $ 2872 million with an estimated growth rate of 18 per cent CAGR.

Interactive Television CEO Ajay Mehta says, “Cinema is the biggest passion for Indians and as an advertising medium, it delivers high impact communication in an extremely cost effective manner. In this festive season, with the ambiguity of television and big Bollywood blockbusters lined up, it is a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to cash in and capture their respective audiences. We look forward to servicing a whole new set of clients to recognize this particular advertising medium which has always been cost effective and has no surcharge.”

In-Cinema advertising has taken a new approach as advertisers have begun to utilize the 30 and 60 second period not to say ‘what’s the product/service’, but ‘what’s in it for you’ to gage the audiences interest levels. The growth of multiplexes also contributes to the increasing demand for in-cinema advertising. Multiplexes have started screening movies, which appeal to platform as well as niche audiences.