Dreary box office awaits Dhoom:2

MUMBAI: Things seem to on a downhill at the box office with no big releases this week. It seems that the only thing that can now make the sun shine on Bollywood is Dhoom:2, which releases on 24 November. The Bollywood box office saw the release of three mediocre budget films like Rehguzar, Janani, Unns- Love Forever.


The prospects of these films were marred due to weak scripts and cast. The makers of these films had a tough time marketing their film. Most of the territories of these films were released on a commission basis.


The much-awaited Hollywood Bond movie Casino Royale opened to a good response. Chitra Palekar’s award winning Marathi film Maati Maay was also released this week.


Bhojpuri films are having their cake and eating it too. This week saw two releases – Bambai Ki Laila Chhapra Ke Chhaila and Devarji, which opened to a fair response.


Mera Insaaf, a dubbed action film from the South was also released.


The all-India collection of Rajshri’s Vivah in its first week is said to be lesser than Rs 30 million (Rs 3 crore). Bombay registered 73 per cent from 23 cinemas (Rs 887,857) while in Thane it managed Rs 1,824,772. In Ahmedabad it collected Rs 1,626,500 from eight cinemas. In Delhi it collected Rs 3,330,200 from 11 cinemas (63 per cent).


Apna Sapna Money Money in its first week in Bombay collected Rs 16,269,200 from 43 cinemas (70 per cent); Rs 524,869 from 2 cinemas (75 per cent) in Thane; Rs 5,195,000 from 19 cinemas in Ahmedabad; Rs 1,500,853 from five cinemas (70 per cent) in Kolkata and Rs 3,536,923 from 13 cinemas (68 per cent) in Hyderabad.


Deadline – Sirf 24 Ghante in its first week in Bombay collected Rs 934,320 from 19 cinemas (26 per cent); Ahmedabad Rs 64,018 from three cinemas (15 per cent) and Delhi Rs 159,104 from four cinemas (19 per cent). 


Bipasha – The Black Beauty in its first week in Bombay collected Rs 325,712 from four cinemas and in Thane it collected Rs 179,939 from two cinemas.


The collections for Umrao Jaan in its second week in Bombay were undisclosed. In Ahmedabad it collected Rs 297,240 from five cinemas (36 per cent); Delhi Rs 1,052,000 from 12 cinemas (24 per cent) and in Hyderabad the film collected Rs 615,694 from three cinemas (30 per cent).


Don in its fourth week in Bombay collected Rs 3,056,900 from 31 cinemas (50 per cent). In Thane it collected Rs 585,613 from 11 cinemas (56 per cent); in Ahmedabad Rs 1,100,000 from 11 cinemas (59 per cent); Delhi Rs 2,077,420 from 15 cinemas (40 per cent) and Hyderabad Rs 2,520,660 from seven cinemas (54 per cent).


Jaan-E-Mann’s collections for the fourth week in Bombay were not disclosed. In Ahmedabad the film collected Rs 603,997 from nine cinemas. In Delhi it collected Rs 515,517 from six cinemas and in Hyderabad Rs 708,808 from four cinemas.


Khosla Ka Ghosla ran for eight weeks in Bombay at two cinemas.


Woh Lamhe… in its seventh week in Delhi collected Rs 33,938 (seven shows); in Allahabad Rs 40,100 from one cinema and in Hyderabad Rs 72,120 from one cinema.


Dor entered its ninth combined week at Bombay in seven cinemas. In Ahmedabad it collected Rs 66,000 and in Delhi Rs 100,445.


Lage Raho Munnabhai in its eleventh week in Bombay collected Rs 1,294,273 from 24 cinemas.


Krrish in its 21st week in Bombay collected Rs 5,600 from one cinema, whereas Fanaa in its 25th week in Bombay Rs 5,153 from one cinema (six shows).


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge in its 578th week in Bombay collected Rs 34,882 from one cinema (seven shows).

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