Dubbed film on Lord Balaji set for release

MUMBAI: While Percept Picture Company is ready to release their devotional film Jai Santoshi Maa on 22 September; producer V. Doraswamy Raju and director K. Raghavendra Rao from Hyderabad are planning to release the Hindi dubbed version of Telugu film Tirupati Shree Balaji on 29 September.

Tirupati Shree Balaji publicist Sanjay Sharma says, “Tirupati Shree Balaji was a money-spinner in Telugu. The film made on a budget of Rs 90 million (Rs 9 crore) was released couple of years back. The producer has recovered three times the investment from the movie. The film assimilates devotion and art in the film. It also eulogizes the generosity and greatness of Tirupati Shree Balaji through the main protagonist Kavi Annamayya (played by Nagarjuna) who is an erudite of Vedas and Upanishads. Kavi Annamayya grows up with twin girls (Ramiya and Kasturi) with whom he falls in love. As they happen to across the statue of God Keshav, they are fascinated by Him and become his followers. Kavi had undergoes lot of obstacles and problems. Nevertheless, every time, Tirupati Shree Balaji comes to his rescue.”

V. Doraswamy Raju says, “This film will ensure that everyone will become a devotee of Tirupati Shree Balaji. If you want to book a ticket for ‘Abhishek Puja’ at Tirupati, you will have to wait until 2008. However, in this film you can witness the puja and have darshan of the Lord. Nagarjuna has put up a marvelous performance.”

The film also has Bhanupriya in the cast. M.M. Kreem has provided the musical composition while Dr. D. K. Goel has penned the lyrics and dialogue.

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