Eagle Videos brings Charlie Chaplin DVDs to India

MUMBAI: Eagle Videos brings the seventy to eighty minutes long feature films of Charlie Chaplin in DVD to India.

Eagle Video MD Surendra Suneja says, “The long wait of the Chaplin fans is finally over. We are bringing the entire collection of Charlie Chaplin Films to India. Till now only short films of this master craftsman were available. We have scanned all the available negatives of his old films, cleaned them and then converted the restored films into DVD.  It is an enhanced experience for the viewer. The collection enables the young and old alike to enjoy the classics by the genius himself, the classics that they have long been deprived of.”

The collection includes classics like The Kid, Modern Times, The Circus, The Gold Rush, The Great Dictator, City lights, Limelights, The Chaplin Revenue (short films), Monsieur Verdoux, A Woman of Paris and A King in New York.