earthTV to spread footprints in India

MUMBAI: German media group earth television network (earthTV) has entered into a representational agreement with India’s Mediascope to develop earthTV’s business within the country.


The shared goal is to develop a network of earthTV’s cameras across India, and use this network to generate Live TV programming that will air earthTV’s partner broadcasters around the world, live, daily.


Mediascope Publicitas chairman and managing director Marzban Patel said, “We are truly delighted at having won the contract to represent earthTV in India. earthTV is a unique and innovative program that airs on a constantly expanding list of leading news channels across the world. India will now enjoy the benefit of its massive reach.”


earthTV president Thomas Hohenacker added, “We had been considering our India strategy for some time now, and the partnership with Mediascope really is an ideal fit. The tie-up gives us the opportunity to partner with the market leader to develop earthTV’s presence across India, to develop a network of cameras across India, and to broadcast the best of India to the rest of the world, Live, every day.”


Coinciding with this announcement, earthTV has set up its first camera in India, located at Udaipur. Live video from Udaipur is now broadcasting around the world on more than 40 TV networks daily. It is also available at


In India, earthTV’s programming is broadcast live each day on NDTV.

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