eBay auctions Salman’s autographed products


MUMBAI: eBay India has partnered with Adlabs to power online auctions of exclusive Marigold movie memorabilia, autographed by Salman Khan.

The memorabilia includes CDs and mousepads, starting at Re 1 on eBay India. The Marigold auctions start on 16 August, 2007 and will be available on eBay till 23 August, 2007.

eBay India chief marketing officer Rathin Lahiri says, “Bollywood cinema is very popular with the youthful online buyer. Through movie partnerships, we aim to bring the magic of the movies to the eBay Community. The partnership with Adlabs for powering auctions for Marigold memorabilia is one such initiative.”

Adlabs’ Sidhartha Jain added, “We are excited about the release of Marigold as it dawns the concept of the first ever Indian Hollywood movie. We are happy to partner with eBay to provide a special offer to Salman Khan fans who will be wowed by the memorabilia from the film. And it’s all for a good cause as the proceeds from the auction will go towards a charitable trust of Salman Khan’s choice.”

Marigold is slated for a release on 17 August, 2007.