NFDC to conduct scripting workshop in Goa


MUMBAI: The National Film Development Corporation (NFCD) of India will conduct a script development workshop in collaboration with the Directorate of Film Festivals. The Indian Script Development Workshop (ISDW) 2007 is designed for Indian scriptwriters who have finalised their scripts for a theatrical feature film.


The workshop will be held in Goa from 18 – 24 November 2007.


The aim of the ISDW is to develop seven commercially viable scripts aimed for the international market. The workshop is aimed at providing a platform for Indian scriptwriters to work out and finalise already developed screenplays through consultation and interaction with a selected team of seven professionals from the global film industry, including India.


Seven well developed feature film scripts will be selected by NFDC. These seven scripts will be analyzed in detail during the workshop and the analysis will focus on different aspects of the project such as structure, characters, plot development, dialogue etc.


During the workshop scriptwriters will also discuss their scripts in depth with the team of advisors collectively and on a one-to-one basis.


After the workshop, the selected scriptwriters will be required to submit a new version of their scripts (translated in English) based on the discussions and advice emanating from the workshop and submit the same to NFDC.


NFDC will be a co-owner of these scripts and will have first right of refusal on these scripts for production purposes.