Ekta Kapoor launches Balaji Telebrands


MUMBAI: Balaji Telefilms is expanding in multifarious ways. From TV to films to incense sticks. The soap queen has now launched Balaji Telebrands in association with astrologer Sunita Menon and the first product to be rolled out is named ‘Ekta’s Karyasiddhi Graha Shanti Dhoop’ (incense stick).

Ekta’s Karyasiddhi Graha Shanti Dhoop is the first of many products to be introduced by Balaji Telebrands, a joint venture company. The product comes in three pack sizes, viz., one month, three months and six months and will be marketed and distributed in India by Jyothy Laboratories.

The product is prepared in adherence to Vedic instructions on processing and blending. Kapoor says, “Though I prefer to perform a havan, as is actually recommended, whenever possible, but in today’s fast paced age, a daily havan is difficult to perform. Just a few minutes a day spent in lighting these ‘dhoop’ sticks as offerings and a little time spent in prayer with devotion from your heart will help change your life.”
Menon adds, “Our horoscope has malefic and benefic planets. We can counter the malefic effects of the planets, by making offerings through regular use of the Karyasiddhi Graha Shanti Dhoop.”  
Kapoor’s father and actor Jeetendra adds, “Shobha and I have seen Ekta struggle hard in the initial days of her career and have also been witness to the meteoric rise to success that she has enjoyed over the last few years. Apart from all the hard work she puts in, the Karyasiddhi Graha Shanti Dhoop will also play a vital role in her current and continued success.”