Ekta Kapoor plans Ragini MMS sequel in 3D


    MUMBAI: Ekta Kapoor is now planning a sequel of the paranormal thriller Ragini MMS and that too in 3D.

    With the same cast likely to take the story forward, Ragini MMS 2 will also explain the events that led to the Maharashtrian lady bein tainted a “chudail” (witch) and blamed for the death of her family. Along with this, the film will follow up on Ragini and Uday’s story.

    “The movie should go on the floors by the year-end,” says Kapoor, who is also toying with the idea of making it in 3D.

    “Many have been wondering what happened to Ragini after she was found unconscious in the haunted house. Well, she survived but being traumatized by the events of the night, she had to go in for therapy. After that, even I’m clueless,” laughs the lead actor Kainaz Motivala, who is expected to return with co-star Rajkumar Yadav.

    The original Ragini, whose MMS scandal was the trigger, was threatening to sue Ekta before release, due to apprehension that the sex scenes would be associated with her. But Motivala reasons, “It wasn’t exactly and entirely her story, Ragini was seen as a sweet girl and not a brazen hussy.”