Percept appoints Archana Trasy as COO – intellectual properties


MUMBAI: Archana Trasy has been appointed as chief operating officer – Intellectual Properties of Percept Sports & Entertainment.

The Percept IP vertical will include all Intellectual Properties created and owned by the Percept Group, including IPs in the live entertainment, sports, celebrity management, digital and media space.

Some of the IPs currently owned by Percept include Sunburn, Fight Nights, Bollywood Live, Champions of the World, Slamfest, Goa Super Sixes, SLUMGOD Dance Championship and CelebTrack.

In her new role at Percept, Trasy will be responsible for managing and leveraging the IPs currently owned by the Percept Group, and will also be focused on conceptualizing and developing new and innovative IPs for the Group.

Trasy said, “I am delighted to take on this new and challenging role. Being one of the pioneers in the ‘Ideas and Concepts’ business, Percept has been instrumental in creating many innovative and unique Intellectual Properties over the past few years for our clients. I believe we are no longer in the Information age, but in the Entertainment age, and Percept is a leader in the business of building and marketing ground-breaking Entertainment products. I am proud to be part of the Percept Sports and Entertainment business and look forward to consolidating and leveraging our efforts in the area of IP creation and management.”

Percept Sports and Entertainment CEO Devraj Sanyal said, “The future of our Entertainment business is pivoted firmly around our Intellectual Properties business and we needed a leader who has walked the walk and talked the talk in this space for a while. I’m thrilled to have Archana as our new COO – IP because personally I believe she is the most qualified person I know in this domain.”

Percept joint managing director Shailendra Singh added, “Percept is India’s only conglomerate that provides 360-degree services in the Entertainment, Media and Communications (EMC) domain. We are now scaling up our strategic efforts to develop Intellectual Properties and change the game in the EMC industry, thereby creating a remarkable and memorable legacy forever. We will soon unveil our plans in this direction. Archana has a rich and diverse exposure to the Media & Entertainment domain, and is just the right person to take Percept’s IPs into its next glorious phase. We are delighted to have her on board as we are sure that she is going to take Percept IPs to another level.”