Enlighten to present Sonchidi at Venice Film Festival

Mumbai: Enlighten will present its first film Sonchidhi at the 68th Venice Film Festival, under the Orizzonti (new trends in world cinema) section.

Sonchidi is about two travelers who are in search of a flying-craft, which one of them thinks is made by a mad engineer whom he recollects from his childhood. They believe that if they can find the craft it could possibly take them to the ultimate escape from the cycle of births. On their way to find this machine, they record their memories, dreams and fears in a sound-recorder and a notebook.

“Enlighten does not merely encourage, endorse, report on and disseminate an alternative sensibility in art, but strives to take an active role in producing art. When we sought to look for a filmmaker whose work we could assist in producing, our natural choice was Amit Dutta. For us, he is one of India’s leading art house filmmaker and therefore, an obvious choice." said Enlighten founder Pranav Ashar.

Dutta said, "I have decided to work with these young people. They have not only offered to produce the kind of films I make but also assured me complete freedom to experiment. Films have to be different not in just the content matter but also the way they are made and seen. In this sense, we are embarking upon an important collaboration, which will open a new way of making and distributing films in India. Sonchidi’, is made through a co-operative of friends called ‘Sudoor Sahkaar’. Where each member contributed their skill and to take it forward from here is an important aspect of finishing the cycle of film-making, and we are glad to have found an enthusiastic partner in Enlighten Film Company."

Dutta will begin shooting this September. Sonchidi (The Golden Bird) would be playing at the Venice Film Festival at Sala Perla on 09 & 10 September.