Himesh Reshammiya selects child singer from reality show

Mumbai: While promoting his forthcoming Diwali starrer Dumadum on Zee’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa last week Himesh Reshammiya selected one of the contestants Nitin Kumar to be launched on Himesh’s HR label.

On Tuesday while shooting for a music reality-show for kids(Zee’s Sa Re Ga Ma L’il Champs)  as part of his promotional plans for his next release Dumadum, Himesh screened the film’s first look.

The trailer, according to sources, turned out to be quite risqué.

Apparently in the love song there was a reference regarding the girl to “mangoes” which got the kids on the reality show really curious.

Says the source, “This is obviously Himeshbhai’s attempt to repackage himself in a sexier avatar. Everyone connected to the show presumed Himesh’s output was always vegetarian. How were we to know Himesh would suddenly start talking mangoes in a love song? Not just that, Himesh’s girl in the film also whispered, “Come close, do not touch’ in the song.”

The contestants who are young enough to have just emerged from nursery school were heard wondering aloud why Himesh Uncle was singing about mangoes in September.

Worse still, Himesh apparently broke into a dance impersonating Mithun Chakraborty which left the kids even more puzzled.

Says the source, “No one could recognize the steps. The kids had to be told Himesh was doing a Mithun.”

 When asked about the “mango” song Himesh said, “The song written by Sameer goes, ‘Jab tum jaati ho jaldi nahin aati ho. I miss you baby like mango. Barah mahine paas hi rehna door na jaana like mango.”