Enlighten to release foreign classics on home video


Mumbai: Makers of the biggest film society in India, Enlighten has launched their DVD collection under the label ‘Enlighten Home Library’ which encompasses some of the world’s greatest films of all time.

Their debut release is called The World’s Greatest Films Series-1 which includes the ten highest rated classic titles like Bicycle Thieves, Shoeshine, Children of Paradise, A Matter of Life and Death, Metropolis, A Canterbury Tale, Rules of the Game, Boudu Saved From Drowning, I know Where I M Going and M.

The idea of the World’s Greatest Films is to compile the greatest films the world has ever seen of all genres from around the world on DVD in the Indian market.

Having rights to more than 260 films which they would be releasing over a period of time, the first DVD collection called The World’s Greatest Films Series-1 includes works by some of the most acclaimed directors from across the world.

Entering into this new venture, Enlighten founder and chairman Pranav Ashar, "We have always wanted to spread world cinema, especially in India. With the launch of this DVD collection, many people will have access to some of the best classic movies and a lot more which will be released in the near future. At Enlighten, High-end Entertainment meets Great Art."