Eros Intl, Radio Mirchi pledge $5 million for anti-piracy

    MUMBAI: That piracy is rampant in the entertainment business is no news. The entertainment sector is being siphoning off Rs 16,000 crores a year to piracy thus resulting in a direct job loss for 820,000 people.

    In the wake of this serious threat, media companies like Eros International and Radio Mirchi have pledged approximately $ 5 million for anti-piracy activities and promotions.

    Entertainment Network India Ltd (ENIL) managing director and CEO A. P. Parigi says, “Radio Mirchi will be setting aside FCT worth $ 1 million to combat the piracy in the music industry. With 32 radio stations across the country, we will be reaching out a wide segment of audience and will create awareness among listeners.”

    Eros International (New Media) managing director and executive vice president corporate & business development Marcus Stuart-Vannini adds, “Last year along Eros spent close to $ 2 million in creating awareness about piracy among people. This year, we are set to double our investment in the cause. Piracy is a serious issue and the Indian film industry needs to come together and work as Hollywood does to fight the menace.”