Six day Chinese film fest to being in New Delhi

MUMBAI: A festival of Chinese films will be held from 28 March to 2 April in New Delhi.

Organised by the Directorate of Film Festivals, Government of India and Film Bureau, China State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Festival would showcase eight films from China.

The festival will be jointly inaugurated by China’s ambassador to India Zhang Yan, Information and Broadcasting ministry secretary Asha Swarup and China State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) director general Tong Gang.

Formal inaugural will be followed by the screening of film ‘Gun of Mercy’ directed by Xiao Feng. A nine-member Chinese delegation headed by Tong Gang will be present in India during the festival.

Entry for the public is on passes available free and on ‘first come first served’ basis. However entry at the inauguration and opening film is by special invitation only.

Since its very first motion picture, Conquering the Jun Mountain (Ding Jun Shan) made in 1905, the Chinese cinema has traveled a century long path of glory. Over the past century, the Chinese cinema has evolved from its very beginning to today’s complete industry engaged in film production, theatrical distribution and exhibition and development of post-theatrical market such as DVD, internet, VOD, cable, merchandizing etc.

China has more than 100 films studios and production companies of different sizes. The year 2007 saw a total production of 402 feature films and a considerable amount of science and educational films, documentary films and animation films, setting up the biggest record in history. By the end of 2007, China had 1,427 well-facilitated theatres in urban areas of the country, operating total of 3,527 screens, among which 493 were set up in 2007 alone. In addition, the CCTV Movie Channel broadcasts 12 features films, both domestic and foreign, on daily basis, covering over 700 million TV viewers across the country.

The Chinese cinema has witnessed increasing enhancement in international arena, particularly after worldwide release of Chinese hits like THE KNOT, THE ASSEMBLY AND KEKEXILI, among others, which are well received by the world audience. In 2007, 29 Chinese films received 49 accolades on 19 international occasions.