Exclusive: Suzanne Roshan’s confessions on NDTV Good Times


Suzanne Roshan reveals all in her first solo interview with designer duo, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla on NDTV Good Times’ show on Saturday at 10 pm.

Businessofcinema.com has the exclusive excerpts of the interview.

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Jani and Khosla introduce Suzanne Khan as "She’s an interior decorator, a yummy mummy with two beautiful sons, married to the country’s heart throb, sweeter than candy and more beautiful than her husband’s co stars, she is the first lady in Hrithik Roshan’s life… she is Suzanne Roshan. "

On being married to the hottest man in the country…
Suzanne Roshan says "It’s really fun to know that the man that I fell in love with has become the hottest man in the country and it’s like this great relationship that we share even though we have been married a long time (9 years)"

On differences between the Khan household and the Roshan household (She is the daughter of Sanjay Khan and Zarine Khan)
Suzanne says, "In my family, everyone is opinionated and completely forthright in what we feel. In Hrithik’s family, everyone has an opinion but nobody really likes to voice it. That’s the basic difference. In my family, we all are very hot blooded and vocal with our views and Hrithik’s family has always been very subtle"

Khosla says that after watching Dhoom 2, he felt that Hrithik could be the next James Bond and here’s what Suzanne has to say about that – "I have been watching James Bond movies since forever, and I have always told him that one day you should play James Bond. But Hrithik always says that he can never be a James Bond because James Bond is British!"

On her first encounter with Hrithik
Suzanne Roshan fondly recalls, "We were both at a traffic signal, in our cars. And we both, looked at each other…I recognized him and he knew who I was and that instant something happened. I don’t know what, but we both pretended like we didn’t notice each other. Then as we drove on, I was looking at him in the rear view mirror. And when his car passed me, he told me he was doing the same."

On their relationship… over years of being together and keeping their romance alive…
Suzanne said, "The relationship that we share is from friendship to being husband and wife. But being husband and wife, we never really took that as an obligation. It was all about being boyfriend and girlfriend."

On whether she is Hrithik’s biggest critic…
Suzanne says, "When I first met him, I wasn’t. I was really sugar coated in what I wanted to tell him, because I think I didn’t share the kind of relationship that I share with him today. I was scared to hurt him and I was never completely honest. Now, I can be blatantly, brutally honest with him about anything and everything."

And here’s Suzanne’s take on scandals and rumors…
"The scandals are fun! They have to be there. That’s what is exciting; they are a part of living. You can’t live a boring life where nobody talks about you."