Film on equal rights issues for Pakistani women to release in September


MUMBAI: S&S Films International headed by Saman Hasnain will be releasing its first film titled 51%, which focuses on equal rights for Pakistani women, in September.


The film’s name is derived from the ratio of women to men in Pakistan and depicts the struggles women still have in the Muslim world even though, by virtue of their population advantage, they are the predominant gender of the country.


The film is produced in conjunction with WIN Pakistan, a foundation dedicated and committed to educating, inspiring and empowering women in all walks of life. WIN Pakistan works in association with WIN Foundation, an international organization created by Dr. Tracy Kemble and endorsed by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


"The film 51% is a dream project for me as it creates awareness to women’s rights issues and also calls attention to the misperceptions in the world about Pakistani women. I believe when you heal a woman, you heal a family. And when you heal a family, you heal a nation," says WIN Pakistan president Hasnain.


The film is directed by S&S Films International CEO Sean Ali. Hollywood director John Jay also the co-director of this first film.