Film Review: Rob-B-Hood

Film: Rob-B-Hood


Director: Benny Chan


Cast: Jackie Chan, Louis Koo, Michael Hui, Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Baoguo and Baby Mathew Medvedev


Rating: 3/5


There are times when you just want to catch a movie without having to think about it, Jackie Chan’s Rob-B-Hood comes at just that time. With an overdose of gory Hollywood movies and musical Bollywood movies, this film provides the simple viewing pleasure sans all the rational waste.


Originally in Cantonese, this film has been dubbed in English and will also be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


You walk into a Jackie Chan movie expecting hilarious fight sequences that are well coordinated and this movie provides just that. The film gyrates around two felons – Thongs (Jackie Chan) and Octopus (Louis Koo) – who steal just so that they can spend it by gambling and on women. However, they find themselves caught looking after a baby.


More importantly for Thongs (Chan) there’s the problem of debtors at his doorstep, hounding him for money. Octopus, while treating other women to the fancies, shuns his wife and neglects her pregnancy.


It is with the baby’s kidnapping that they realize they have struck gold, rather a golden goose that will aid them as the solution to all their problems. The bottom line however is that in due time they find themselves attached to the child, too much even to think of letting go of him. This turns to be the root problem to a whole lot of confusion.


The film does manage to hold pace and entertain audiences, however the sudden dim and bright shots catch far more attention that anything else (Mr. Editor forgot to level the brightness). After watching the film you are left in awe for Jackie Chan, who still manages to perform difficult and jaw dropping stunts all by himself. Like in the scene where he is seen jumping onto the air-conditioning vents, escaping goons. One is left with complete admiration and a drooping jaw.


There is no doubt, though originally not in English, the film does manage to generate a whole lot of laughs and manages to leave the viewer with a feel good sensation. There is nothing extraordinary that the film offers, however it is the simplicity and humorous moments that you are left enjoying.


There is not much that one can comment on the acting, as the acting sensibilities are completely different; furthermore since the film is dubbed the reactions are a wee bit dissimilar. Jackie Chan does his usual best in presenting the viewer with his usual. Special mention to the child (baby Mathew) for being completely adorable and providing the film with moments where you “awwww” and “ooohhh.”


The film like any other dubbed film will do a decent business; it is a great watch for all the Jackie Chan fans, till the time Rush Hour 3 does not hit screens. Ideally targeted and bought by distributors, the film will do average business in Mumbai, Tamil Naidu and parts of Andhra Pradesh. Aggressive marketing will prove to be of no use as the film will have a select audience and the majority of them would prefer catching a Bollywood or an outright commercial Hollywood flick.


The best way to enjoy this film is by cuddling up in your seat, with a bucket of popcorn and your lady love by your side. Rob-B-Hood makes for great viewing and is a sigh of relief.

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