Film Review: Kaashh… Mere Hote

Kaashh... Mere Hote!
Kaashh… Mere Hote!

Film: Kaashh…Mere Hote

Banner: Shravan Films International

Producer: Shravan Kumar

Director: B H Tharun Kumar

: Sneha Ullal, Kumar Saahil, Johny Lever, Sana Mirza, Hemant Birje, Rajesh Khanna, Mushtaq Khan, Shashi Kiran, Anil Dhawan, Avtar Gill,Javed Khan, Vikas, Suresh, Madhura Naik, Gavie Chahal, Satyavrat Mudgal, Krishna Bansal

Rating: 0.5/5

Clearly this painstakingly-horrible film loves the Bachchan family and Nelly Futardo to great extent, for those constant references could have just not been done away with. What were they thinking when they made this film? Pretty sure they dint bother watching the movie once it was made. Heavy inspiration from old-school Hindi films and a certain television Czarina is what the film seems like.  

The story you ask? Well on the surface it’s a love triangle, but wait there’s a twist. It has a bit of the supernatural thrown in. Krish (Kumar Saahil) is deeply in love with Radhika (Sneha Ullal). All is good till Krish turns up in Mauritius for some random art do and showcase of his paintings. Its love at first sight for Kiah (Sanna Mirza), The moment she spots Krish who is lodged at her home in Mauritius, she knows she ‘wants’ him. And because Kiah always gets what she wants, the chase and dumb escapade begins. With many a people in the way, Kiah has them killed with some unexplainable power she controls (you have to see it to believe it). All of 17, Kiah leaves no stone unturned to see her love reciprocated; but evil is defeated and True love succeeds with Krish and Radhika happy.

Phew. Even typing that is painful, imagine sitting through it. There is nothing in this film that is worth watching and saying that once seems like an understatement. The story is one that is done to death sans any ingenuity whatsoever. What was anyone thinking when they decided to make one of the lead characters possess telekinetic powers and forget as and when at will? The film has you burst out in laughter. In this film, basically everyone is pretty much doing as they please.

The dialogues are done to death and the etched characters stereotypes of stereotypes. The thing is there is a plot in this film that is superficially treated. It’s as though they couldn’t care of what the end result was going to be. Horrible editing, inconsistent camerawork, characters dubbing out of sync, this film has it all. The film seems as though it was all but a story that was present and everything else improvised as they went along. Go check out the scene where Mirza decides to ruin Krish’s birthday party by blowing up his cake. Or check out the manner in which Rajesh Khanna decides to act blind as and when he remembers. The film in more simple words lacks coherence and cohesiveness.

Besides the music, that too about a song or two, there is nothing worthy of watching in this film. The performances make you cringe in your seat. Clearly not meant to be a debut vehicle for anybody, Kaash Mere Hote should be forgotten. What is sad is the fact that a film like this bothers with sending out a message about teenage infatuation. Kumar and Mirza who debut with this film are just plain bad. They ham to no extent and Kumar manages to utter lines with sheer boredom. No blaming the actors with a film like this. Ullal is pretty much the same just as she was in Lucky opposite Salman Khan, blank. Khanna is shockingly dire. Johhny Lever is terrible and one wonders why he even took up such a dim role.

Kaash Mere Hote is better missed than even thought about. It’s hackneyed and extremely sour. Don’t bother with this one.