Film Review: Bad Luck Govind


Bad Luck Govind
Bad Luck Govind
Bad Luck Govind
Bad Luck Govind
Film: Bad Luck Govind

: Mixed Blood Cinema, Artesian Media & Entertainment, Digiquest India Pvt Ltd, Varun Khanna Production Pvt. Ltd.

Producer: Tarun Arora, Varun Khanna, Himanshu Shah, Chirag Shah

Director: Varun Khanna

: Gaurav Kapoor, Hrishita Bhatt, Parmeet Sethi, Govind Namdeo, Vrajesh Hirjee, Zakir Hussain, Ganesh Yadav, Yogesh Joshi, Amit Mistry, Lalit Mohan Tiwari, Manoj Tiger, Archana Puran Singh

: 1/5

Its neither interesting nor is it bearable. Bad Luck Govind is one of those films that some television channel runs when they have nothing better to air. Its tiring to say at the least, it tries so hard to be this intelligent film that the more they try the more banal it gets.

The film as clear as it can get is about Govind (Gaurav Kapoor), who believes he’s out of luck; So much so that his every action is marred by a series of unfortunate events. Escaping to find a new ground where perhaps life would be a wee bit different, Govid travels to Delhi. Here he is met with unlikely characters, each more unique than the previous. A few dons and a nurse later, the film traverses the path of realization and good fortune.  

Terribly predictable the moment the characters are introduced, Bad Luck Govind is an unfortunate event in entirety. The biggest hassle with this film is that it is treated with such looseness that nothing quite clicks and fits into place. The story is stretched to make sense and find some meaning, eventually turning sloppy.

The biggest problem with this film is that everything is pushed beyond what is fathomable and actions are made too obvious to seem real or even plausible. Even if one assumes some of the scenes are meant to be funny and thus included in the film, there is no explaining why you never manage to laugh through it. The dialogues exchanged between characters are substandard and trite, as aspect that could have lifted the film up many levels is not even concentrated upon.

The film has so many loop holes that it simply seems like a rush job. It is this unconvincing screenplay that further hampers the film. The film in its tangents forgets to address key questions that are raised during its course. Even technically the film is a disappointment. Its edited poorly, choreographed badly and even visually the film is just not appealing. One can’t think of any reason that this film should be viewed. Even conceptually the film does nothing for you.

Even performances are awful. Gaurav Kapoor tries real hard to get into the skin of his character, but with a character that in its depth is shallow you really don’t expect a great performance. The act in general is just plain bad. Bhatt as the nurse is OK. Sethi, Hirjee, Hussain and all the others who have relatively minute roles to play are ok. Archana Puran Singh is wasted to great lengths. The truth is there is not one actor’s performance in this film you might want to watch it for.

Bad Luck Govind is just bad and nothing else. If anything on the plus side,its way better than Kaash Mere Hote. So if it’s an option between the two, we suggest you put all your eggs in this basket or better still keep them at home.