Filmy to ride on Rajnikant’s dubbed films


MUMBAI: Sahara One Media and Entertainment’s Hindi movie channel Filmy is all set to cash in on the Rajnikant mania that’s the gripping viewers across geographies. In a well-timed move, Filmy will unveil a series of dubbed Hindi films showcasing the superstar’s hit movies.

Filmy business head Ashutosh says, “We have brought some regional properties showcasing some of the best flicks of Rajnikanth and Mamoothy. The films have already been dubbed in Hindi and we are planning to roll out the film festival in the coming month.”

Of late, Filmy, the youngest among the bunch of Hindi movie channels, is aggressively pursuing more prominence in the movie space. The channel recently spruced up its programming menu with the launch of the reality show Bathroom Singer to add value and variety to its content.

Speaking about the need for movie channels to look beyond Bollywood, Ashutosh says, “I feel movie channels are not utilizing the true potential that they actually have. I’m sure our strategy of purchasing properties beyond Bollywood will spark a new trend in the movie-showcasing arena.”

On the promotional aspect about Rajnikant’s festival, he adds, “We are not planning any major promotional campaign, but radio would be the main source to attract viewership. Since the tide of Rajnikant’s Sivaji: The Boss is failing to subside, we will surely benefit from that factor.”

Some of the movies that the channel has acquired the exclusive world satellite rights, including pay TV, DTH, pay per view, free to air, cable, IPTV and broadband are: Jhony Ustad (starring Rajnikant and Triveni); Aaj Ka Dada (starring Rajnikant and Sridevi); Dushmanon Ka Dushman (starring Rajnikant and Laksmi); Shanti Shanti (starring Rajnikant and Ambika); Shoorveer (starring Rajnikant, Meena and Revati); Ilaaka (starring Rajnikant, Supriya and Madhavi) and Fauladi (starring Rajnikant and others).