Funskool introduces Spiderman toy range


    MUMBAI: Funskool India has introduced the Spiderman range of toys for the super hero’s fans, hoping to cash in on the release of the newest in the Spiderman movie series on 4 May 2007.

    The new array includes ‘Super Hero Squad 2 pack Assortment, Classic Action Figures Assortment, Movie Action Figure Assortment, Bump ‘n Go Web Rider Assortment, Web Blaster Assortment and the Battle Action Vehicle Assortment, says a release. The array of toys is priced Rs 175 upwards.

    According to the release, the Super Hero Squad 2 pack will be available in six assortments and constitutes Spider-Man with any of the Super Hero Squad, namely Venom, Sand Man, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Rhino and New Goblin. The five Classic Action Figures Assortments come with a Spider-Man peel-off sticker. Doctor Octopus can be activated for a tentacle attack by squeezing the tentacle legs; Green Goblin can drop bombs and the Rhino can be set off for a head smash attack. The Lizard pack includes web-cuffs and a web muzzle and the Kraven assortment comes with a machete and whip fit in hand.

    Spider-Man Movie Action Figure Assortment is available in 12 sets, wherein children can fix Spider-Man to the wall and windows with the web or can set him off into a swinging zip-line action. The new Goblin Disk launching sky stick comes with a Goblin boomerang, pumpkin bomb, sky stick and a disk. Peter Parker alias Spiderman can be interchanged to take form of either character in quick moves and The Battle Attack Sandman toy has interchangeable attack hands.

    The Spider-Man Bump ‘n Go Spiderbike and the Spider-Man Bump ‘n Go four Wheeler are vehicles that can hit into an obstacle, turn around and keep moving on. The Spiderman mounted atop is removable, says the release.