FXLabs launches first Indian Arcade Game ‘Dance Challenge’


Mumbai: Game development company FXLabs Studios has announced the launch of their newly developed arcade game Dance Challenge. Dance Challenge is the first of its kind arcade game with exclusive Indian content. The kiosk will enable gamers to play the game either through the console keys or through an exclusive metal dance pad. The players have the option of enjoying the game in single and double player mode.

Speaking at the launch event of the Dance Challenge, FXLabs founder and chairman Sashi Reddi said, "We are very excited to launch India’s first arcade game. We aim to provide the entertainment to Indian masses who are great lovers of movie songs". He added "We plan to target shopping malls, Multiplexes, Resorts, Amusement parks and Health Clubs. Initially, the reach would be within Andhra Pradesh with hit Tollywood content. Going forward, we plan to take it to other parts of the country with hit Bollywood and other regional content".

The Dance Challenge arcade game has over 40 latest hits of Tollywood movie song videos. FXLabs has strong association with leading production houses which will enable them to roll-out the latest blockbuster movie songs to cater to music lovers.