Ghai’s Mukta Arts forays into Marathi cinema


    MUMBAI: Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Arts has entered the Marathi film industry with their first film Kaande Pohe produced by actor Shreyas Talpade.


    The film has known names from the Marathi film industry like Ashwini Bhave, Tushar Dalbi, Bharati Achrekar amongst others. The film will be directed by Rajiv Patil.


    Ghai says, “We always wanted to venture into Marathi cinema, but were waiting for the right moment. I think the time is now right for our foray into the same. We will be making new deals after the release of this film.”


    The Marathi films by Mukta Arts will be made on a budget of Rs 10 – 30 million (Rs 1 – 3 crores).


    Talpade added, “I always wanted to produce a movie in my language. I had thought about production, but not at this stage. But when Subhashji called me, I was more than willing to take it up. I am sure, now that Mukta Arts has routed into this industry, the others will follow.”


    The film will be released in December this year under Maplix Films banner, which will cater to regional genre films.