GoAir ties-up with IMFF for film festival


MUMBAI: Indian airline GoAir has joined hands with International Management Film Festival (IMFF) for a film fest to be held in Delhi on 3 October.

International Management Film Festival is aimed to promote intercultural dialogue and collective work through video documentaries. The festival concept is based on the participatory approach in conceptualizing, developing and disseminating films.

The key objective of this film festival is to explore the art, science and spirit of creativity at work. The festival based on management films is the first such festival to be organised India.

As part of this association, GoAir will be organizing various in-flight contests on all its Delhi in-bound flights from 28 September onwards. Passengers on these Delhi in-bound flights will stand to win special invitations to the film festival.

GoAir managing director Jeh Wadia stated, “Our association with the International Management Film Festival is align to our customer service promise of providing passengers with value additions to enhance their brand experience with GoAir. With the  International Management Film Festival tie-up, we have take the next step to enhance the brand experience for our passengers by expanding the base from in-flight to on-ground.”

The film festival will be screening some of the best management films in the world including The 5.75 Questions You Have Been Avoiding, Creativity – Life At Frontier, Halley’s Comet, Freedom Writers, Emmanuels’s Gift, The Strangest Secret, Conversations With God amongst others.

The International Management Film Festival is an international non-profit organization formed with the service objective of sharing knowledge through management films. The films are chosen from a library based on relevance and theme of the festival. Major producers of management films are a part of this network who help in quality control and provide valuable inputs besides academic management of the project. The program conducted, is in lines with the international norms defined.